Born in 1987, the artist, Eda Uzun has acquired her Bachelor's from the Graphic Design department of Marmara University's Fine Arts Faculty in 2011, followed by an MA of Arts at Karadeniz Technical University's Fine Arts. Uzun has actively participated in various projects in advertising, design, and illustration through 2010-2016. She still continues her academic career at Hacettepe University's Graphic Design department as a researcher and remains a member of Sufficiency in Arts Program. She also maintains her artistic productivity, working from her personal studio in Ankara, Turkey.


Upon realizing that I care more about how I draw rather than what I draw, I have started questioning myself and come to understand the importance of expression in arts. This questioning has made me realize my own personality and my own desires in the constantly changing and renewing art scene, especially throughout the last copule years of my educational life. I am still experimenting my tendencies. Although the education that I got for long years in this field has equipped me well technically, it has also triggered my perfectionism, and these past experiences dominate my current leanings in art. I notice that when I am building my paintings that actually a part of myself stays hung in them, and I realize that I enjoy painting more when I engrove these objects. Recently, my inspirations have been mainly around women and mythological figures. As I gain genuinity in subjects and technique I pass concepts that affect me on to the canvas metaphorizing them with fantastical elements. In fact, what I really want to do is to create paintings that speak quitely but sincerely; and that will be nice to watch.

Over the years, I have had opportunities to work in the fields of design, illustration and printmaking. As an interdisciplinary artist, I use the means of all these art forms in my works. I like utilizing the practices of miniature and illuminated manuscript, experimentality and adaptation of printmaking, techonological possibilities of desigm; and the unlimitedness of material. I prefer to use textures that contribute to the narrative of my paintings. Using an original technique that emphasizes the density and extensity of the paint, I create rich textures; and sometimes prefer to use blank spaces for these areas to stand out. I know that my technique will change in this cycle and I hope to get a better sense of myself and deepen in my art, in this process.